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A secret organization known as The Enigma Group has called upon Back In Time for help!

The Enigma Group has been after an individual who calls himself "The Proctor".  This person has been known to test individuals in strange and often deadly ways.

The lead investigator at The Enigma Group, Agent Smith, just received intel that The Proctor was operating locally and was about to leave the country. This is their best chance to finally catch up to The Proctor and put an end to his activities. 


A mobile command center has been set up locally in preparation for this operation and The Enigma Group's strike team is poised and readily awaiting instructions. But Agent Smith has gone missing!  He was the only one who knew what to do!


Desperate for help and running out of time, The Enigma Group has reached out to Back In Time to send them the best problem solvers in the area:  Which brings us to you.


You and your team must try to pick up the investigation where Agent Smith left off. But be warned! The Proctor is sure to try and test your team's skills... and failure could be fatal!


Do you have what it takes to match wits with The Proctor? Sign up for this mission and find out!


This is a POP-UP MOBILE ROOM that is recommended for players of ALL LEVELS. 

If you are interested in booking this room at your venue click the link below!

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