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From conference rooms to living rooms, from parks to parking lots, our Pop Up Mobile Games are fun and immersive at any venue!

We bring a fully immersive escape room to your location or event!

Or book TWO IDENTICAL ROOMS and have your teams race!


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Book a room for your next event!

Or book two identical rooms and have two teams race simultaneously!

Birthday Parties - Corporate Events - Fairs/Festivals - Bar Mitzvahs


What is a Pop-Up Mobile Escape game?

In our Pop-Up Mobile escape games, we take the experience of a traditional escape room, condense it into a portable game, and set it up at your desired location. Our pop-up mobile games are fully immersive and can be set up almost anywhere! 

What does it cost to book a Pop-Up Mobile game?

Costs vary depending on distance, number of players, and the number of games desired. Please contact us for a customized quote!

Do I need to provide anything?

PROBABLY NOT! Our games are fully self-contained and provide their own power. For longer events, however, a single power outlet may be necessary for each room booked.

Can these games be done outside?

ABSOLUTELY! Our games are able to be set up practically everywhere! Participants can play under the protection of a 10' x 10' canopy with 2 side walls. 

Are these games immersive?


DEFINITELY! Our games are designed with a mobile theme in mind! If you love our standard games, you will also love our Pop-Up Mobile games!

More questions? We are here for you!

 (424) 347-7102

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